10 Latinx-Owned Businesses to Support Whether You Shop Small On Saturday or Everyday

Latinxs make up an increasingly high number of consumers and entrepreneurs, so we're assembling a list of just some of our favorite Latinx/Chicanx- owned businesses. With a variety of shops and styles, we're sure you'll find something for a "treat yo'self" kind of day.

1.) Valfre


Valfré is a LA based women’s apparel and accessories brand that was founded by Mexican-born artist, Ilse Valfré. The brand launched in late 2013 and has quickly become a global source for the creative and wild-at-heart. Valfré’s mission is to bring her art to life by creating unique products that are a direct reflection of the psychedelic world that she has created. Her work explores the poignant tension between vulnerability and confidence as she transports her audience into the hearts and minds of the characters that she creates. Valfré believes that the true fashion girl doesn’t place herself in a box by limiting herself to one style. The Valfre look can be described as edgy, unique, experimental yet very wearable.As the style of her characters evolve with the ever-changing world, so does her brand.

Some favorites:

Sorry Not Sorry Jacket, $40

Phone Case, $10

2.) Selva Negra


Selva Negra represents drive, holistic energy, united empowerment, careful craftsmanship, and engineered comfort. Designers Kristen Gonzalez and Sam Romero unite their Annie Hall tomboy feeling and bold feminine identity to embody a collection that aims to set zero limits to what women can achieve. Influenced by their Latina heritage, they bring beauty and soul to every piece to combine a collective of honest and sustainable products made in Los Angeles, California.


margot jumpsuit in denim, $119

3.) Twisted4Sugar

Twisted4Sugar is a wonderful treat for young and old. Their take on traditional cotton candy is absolutely amazing, but their gourmet flavors like Mazapán, Horchata, and Tamarindo or their Mango and Watermelon flavors paired with Tajin toppings make our hearts sing without even tasting! Check them out for catering or wholesale

4.) RaggedyTiff


Discovered in 2010, Raggedy Tiff is known for its eclectic Folk-Cultural style, with an eccentric personality, & unique feel. Specializing in Accessories, Apparel, & Home Decor Raggedy Tiff is known for its Unique/Vibrant Textile prints, Craftsmanship & Exquisite one of a kind pieces.

Founder, Jessica Resendiz was born in Queretaro, Mexico on January 11, 1987, but was raised in San Diego most of her childhood . She began creating hair accessories for herself at the age of 8yrs old and throughout her early years she created everything she wore from hair accessories to clothing. At the age of 12yrs old her curiosity grew more and more until it became a huge interest to her to learn how to hand stitch and also she began learning the whole process of using a sewing machine. By her Senior Year in High School her enthusiasm for Fashion became serious and she decided to pursue and attend Fashion School after graduating. With many fashion schools to attend around the country, she decided to take her career path to The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise in Los Angeles, California. This is where all her creativity began to be noticed and admired by professors, school staff, and college friends. After all these years, she'd realized that her creativity was something special and started creating hair accessories & apparel to sell in art shows, events, fashion shows, you name it. During the 3 years she attended FIDM, her knowledge for fashion became more well defined from sketching, pattern-making, fabrication, branding, merchandising, and marketing.

In June 2011, Jessica Graduated FIDM majoring in Fashion " Product Development" . After graduating, she focused on building her own brand and developing her own concepts into designs. And so Raggedy Tiff was born, where all her inspirations and creativity came to life. The name Raggedy Tiff came and was inspired by her 11yr old daughter Tiffany. She wanted to make sure she included her daughter into her brand ,Therefore the name stood out from the rest and its unique name made a statement to her clients and fans.


El Corazon Graphic Tee, $28.99

5.) BornxRaised

BornxRaised is a streetwear brand inclusive of people of color


From Remezcla: "LA based streetwear brand BornxRaised has made a name for itself repping for SoCal culture, making a statement against gentrification, and incorporating Chicano calligraphy, graffiti and tattoo culture into their designs."


Jesus T-Shirt, $50

6.) Vive Cosmestics

Vive Cosmetics is one of the most popular Latinx-owned businesses, specifically cosmetics.


Identity is complex and intimate. For many, identifying as Latina, Latinx, Latin@, Xicana (or none of the above) means something different. For us, identifying as Latinx means we connect to our indigenous roots while recognizing the cultural influences from around the world that make the Latinx cultures uniquely amazing. We carry on the traditions of our parents and our ancestors in the hopes of creating a better tomorrow. We believe that the very differences found in the Latinx identity should be celebrated and honored. Vive Cosmetics was created to help empower womxn and all people, because makeup should be about celebrating your full self, including your ethnicity and your culture.


Candela Cremosa Matte Lipstick, $17

7.) UNiiQUE

UNiiQUE offers a wide range of accessories, jewelry, bags, decor, and even dresses and rompers, all created with proud Mexican heritage kept in mind.


Discover the distinct Latino art with UNiiQUE through these artistic creations. All products are uniquely handmade by artisans, including our families. We respectfully look to preserve the Mexican artistic creations of our ancestral traditions by our manufactured products. Mexican textiles have existed for over more than 5,000 years and are one of Mexico's most important crafts representing our Mexican heritage. The most distinct crafted textile is the use of embroidery. Each piece being offered is unlike any other, unique and you will have the opportunity to own a non repetitive style. Our products come from our native communities of Mexico, offering you the highest quality and preserving our artistic culture. By supporting our brand, you will help our families of handcrafted artisans that are less fortunate but hardworking people that keep this beautiful art alive.


Their grey off-the-shoulder dress, only $10 on sale right now!

Placemats, $16

8.) Hija De Tu Madre

Hija de tu Madre celebrates the beautiful mess that is being Latinx. Each piece of art and clothing is inspired by my cultural crossroads. The goal of Hija de tu Madre is to create fashionable statements of identity. I want to create apparel that is the perfect depiction of my cultural intersection. What's more American than denim? And what's more Mexican than la Virgen de Guadalupe? Our fashion serves as reminders of where we come from and who we are. Our clothes provide us with a sense of familiarity, home, and belonging. Hija de tu Madre is a creative outlet that celebrates the complexities of being a product of more than one culture. Thus, Hija de tu Madre caters to Latinx who bravely question everything, while reconciling our complicated history, culture, and identity. The shop and blog are for muxeres who unapologetically represent their colorful culture as we try to make sense of two seemingly opposing identities. -Patty Delgado Founder

"We are ni de aqui ni de alla."


Virgencita Phone Case, $10.99

9.) Brewble


Brewbles Is the creation of Catheryn Estefania Rodriguez Rangel, a 25 year old XIlanga/Mexican Immigrant currently residing in Austin Texas.

Inspired by cultura, nostalgia y recuerdos de nuestra niñez, Brewbles, with the help of her empowering hermanas is brewing up magical bath concoctions to evoke alivio and relaxation for your everyday self-care rituals.


Aguacate Bath Bomb, $12

Amor Prohibido Bath Bomb, $7 (50% of profits from this bomb goes to Kind Clinic, "a non profit clinic that provides sexual health services including PrEP and PEP access, STI testing and treatment, HIV testing, and gender affirming care to Central Texans in need")

10.) Nyla Padilla

Nyla Padilla is a Chicana maker and seller of gorgeous jewelry.

We've partnered with her to promote her, these, and all other Chicanx and Latinx owned businesses. Check out her shop here.