June Edition: 10 Latinx-Owned Businesses to Support Whether You Shop Small On Saturday or Everyday

Here is our (rather late) compilation of Latinx-owned businesses for the month of June.

1.) Once Upon a Charm


Once upon a time in the city of Compton, Ca., a young woman with a unique style, and obsession with the show Once Upon A Time, decided to play around with polymer clay. She created the story book from Once Upon A Time into a charm, and was amazed to see the positive reactions of friends and family. Before she knew it she was creating many more charms and enjoyed putting a smile on those who received one. Today, she has blended her Mexican culture, and love for food, to create deliciously unique charms. And it all began Once Upon a Charm...


Hot Cheetos Pin: $7.00

****Restocks are once a month, and products go fast!

2.) Latin Stickers


Products that capture the essence of the rich and beautiful Latin culture and its people. We just launched.

They carry everything from phone cases to shirts, leggings, and backpacks.


Latin Variety Carry All Makeup Bag (black): $14.95

3.) Small Batch Supply


"My name is Yomahra and I am the owner of Small Batch Supply Co. I am also the maker of all of the goods you will find here. I am in love with process, the multiple steps that it takes to create a beautiful, finished product. This is why my I am involved every step of the way. From dyeing, cutting, assembling, setting copper rivets to most importantly stitching, every aspect is done by hand...my hand.

I thoughtfully design each piece so that you get an item that will enhance and compliment your lifestyle and hopefully inspire you.

The materials I use are very important to me. Only Hermann Oak leathers are used because they are tanned in the U.S.A. and are some of the highest quality you can find. All of the hardware, threads, dyes and tools I use are sourced from American companies.

Collectively this means that when you buy a Small Batch Supply Co. product, you’re getting something that’s made by the owner, you’re keeping a dying art alive, and you’re supporting a small business."


Camera Strap | Black: $85

4.) Mexitreat

About:It's more than just a snack, a bite into a pulparindo takes us back to the days when we were free to chase the paletero. Life isn't like it used to be, and access to mazapanes should not be what keeps you up at night. Let us deliver a box of your childhood favorites right to your door. At home or at work, either way, you'll be indulging in sweet, savory, spicy goodness in no time!Favorite:

5.) Cochina Collective

About:Cochina: nasty woman en español 🛍 10% donated to rad feminist charities 🌎 ships worldwide from New OrleansFavorite:

Latinx Pin: $7.00

6.) Crafty Chica


Hi, I’m Kathy, the Crafty Chica! I’m a speaker, artist, and author of nine books (two of them novels). I write articles about Latino-inspired crafts, Phoenix life, recipes, pop culture, travel, entertainment, shopping, books, entrepreneurship and more! My goal is to spread positivity through creativity through my handmade goods, artwork, articles, books, product lines and workshops!


Chismosa 3" sticker: $4.00

7.) Mestiza


Welcome to Mestiza!

We'd love to meet you, please visit us in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. Our passion is to find classic and modern handcrafts from Mexico and all of Latin America. We also support local artists and vendors who are members of the Fair Trade Federation.

With ten years of experience, we are looking forward to taking a step in a new direction by offering a space for local artisans to showcase their pieces.  Whether it is online or in store, we are looking forward to meeting you! 


Xochitl Sleeveless Blouse - Natural: $52.00

8.) Viva la Bonita


Mujeres Pink Hat: $24.99

9.) Reina Rebelde


The exquisite and ambitious woman who embodies her powerful cultural duality by showing her gran belleza to the world. She is blessed with many choices:  she speaks English y algunas veces español. She loves being Latina and Americana. She equally celebrates the beauty of her Reina and fierceness and grit of her Rebelde. She embraces her duality and has always understood the fuerza that the perfect shade of lipstick provides to her already-dynamic life and how it powerfully transforms her mysterious beauty.

Reina Rebelde was born out of something I share with you — a passion for makeup and extreme pride for my cultural identity as a Latina. Growing up in Mexico, my makeup obsession started with the telenovela “Rosa Salvaje” and sitting at my mother’s feet watching her beauty rituals as she would get ready to go out for the night with her girlfriends. I’ve been addicted to makeup ever since. Years of makeup hoarding later, my collection is equal parts wild and unpredictable, bold and impractical, feminine and luxurious, sexy and severe — in many ways perfectly reflective of my complicated identity as a Mexican woman embracing an amazing American existence.

Inspired by our collective experience as Reinas Rebeldes, I created this collection of products with built-in versatility to give life to our many dualities, full of provocative shades that deliver the boldness and passion that we bring to the rituals of applying them, and that will take us from glamorous to fierce, aspirational to trailblazing, messy to polished, and allow us to unapologetically and authentically share our Reina Rebelde essence with the world.


Nail Milagros: $10

10.) Fúchila Fresheners

About: We seek to spread and represent the Chicano and Latino cultura with pride by providing an inviting and unique way to consume art on a daily basis. By pairing attractive designs with the power of scent, one of the strongest senses linked to memory, we aim to tap into the nostalgia of the iconic imagery and icons of our raza. We will focus on high-quality design so consumers will hang the scented art pieces with orgullo long after the scent has faded and ultimately re-purpose the air fresheners. We intend to make our consumers’ otherwise bland commute more enjoyable.Favorite:

LA VIRGENCITA DE GUADALUPE (Rose Scented) Freshener: $5.00