Help support a high school senior's project aimed at bettering the quality of life and education for migrant farmworkers in California. SUEÑOS, a soon-to-be nonprofit based in Los Angeles was established in August 2017. The migrant labor camp SUEÑOS hopes to work with in Hollister, CA, is open June through November, making the project time-sensitive for the sake of health. In the 7 months the camp is not in use, we hope to establish a community garden and pantry, open a children's library, refurbish the housing, and gather school supplies for children moving into the camp as well as toiletries and household goods for laborers. The people inhabiting the camp are farmworkers and their families, many of whom work long hours or multiple jobs, making a safe family community all the more necessary. The housing and recreational structures put in place have been in use since the 1970s and have deteriorated tremendously.  We need to raise 10,000 by May 1st in order to achieve all goals. Please consider donating time or money to our organization, and learn more at